Sober Academy during the Global Pandemic

It is with disappointment that the global pandemic has caused a great many of us to refine our practices and one of those big challenges has been for Sober Academy to consider whether it brings the same value if delivered remotely through zoom. Therefore we have opted to cease training during this period of turmoil.

Meanwhile, we are busy working on other projects that keep us busy, not least itself, but also planning for the future of Sober Academy.

We have now completed the creation of Sober Practitioner to accompany our other training programs of Sober Intervention and Sober Companion, and we are also moving into the educational space of delivering seminars aimed at helping students and professionals alike learn ore about the difficulties of addictions and dependencies, along with their respective treatment options and recovery possibilities. This is something we'll be rolling out around the world soon too.

Meanwhile, please do join the FaceBook Sober Academy Group and keep up to date with developments.

And until we meet again, stay safe and keep smiling.

Ian Young – &