Sober Practitioner

Sober Practitioner is the latest training from Janique Svedberg and Ian Young. It's a fully immersive and intense training delivered over 7 consecutive days, covering 7 different topics to make you the best very best Sober Practitioner you could possibly be, including:
  • Hands on special tricks that the trainers use to create change and shift their clients’ forwards towards their recovery goals
  • Personal Development to maximise your own self beliefs and goals
  • Emotional Health and how you remain calm amongst the chaos of your clients
  • How to close more clients and create more opportunities for yourself
  • The best Marketing tips and advice available to your Sober Business
  • How to set up and structure your Sober business to maximise the chances of helping others and living a great life.
  • Understanding Spiritual Practices for yourself and for others
  • Inter personal experiences that will show you how great you work as a team and with others
It’s a highly intensive training that is held in a beautiful resort, keeping the group working, playing and learning together through the morning, afternoon and evening. So it really is an immersive experience, and has plenty of surprise fun activities written into the programme to make sure you never get bored. It really will be an experience you’ll fondly remember forever.
More than just training. . . . . .

Sober Practitioner is a fully holistic exploration on yourself, your best practice, building your business, getting the most out of your skills and having a great time doing so.

Sober Practitioner

Sober Practitioner - Thailand - 14 December

Sober Practitioner is a 7 day intensive, immersive experience to make you the best Practitioner you possibly could be.

14-20 December 2018 -Chiang Mai, Thailand @ Venue TBC

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