Sober Practitioner December 2018

A seven day immersive, intensive experience to help you become the best Practitioner you can be.

Sober Practitioner

Just 20 places in total

7 DAYS - Friday 14th - Thursday 20th December 2018

Thailand TBC

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7 Days of intensive training

  • Personal Development.

  • Personal Sales.

  • Marketing.

  • Emotional Health.

  • Spiritual Practice.

  • Inter personal expertise.

  • Hands on special tricks that the trainers use to create change and shift their clients forwards towards their recovery goals.

Your Trainers

Janique Svedberg and Ian Young are introducing their own International Intervention Training which is a combination of the invitational model and Tough Love model.

After hundreds of interventions around the world and endless of hours of comparing and discussing what works best, Janique and Ian decided to work together creating an Intervention Training that would work in all different areas of the world.

All countries have their own unique culture, community and especially family dynamic. As such, each family needs their individual plan to consider how the intervention will work most effectively. This training allows for this flexibility.

To be an International Interventionist takes an adjustment and specific understanding of the culture of the country you’re in.
There is also the need of working in a team as some countries will not allow mixed gender in a family meeting.

It’s also extremely important to understand how the culture see sobriety and recovery: what is acceptable and what is allowed.

Ian Young

Ian Young has been working in the Addiction Treatment Industry since 2003 and is one of Europe’s leading Interventionists since 2008, having performed successful Interventions across the UK, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

He was the founder of 2 treatment centres before launching Sober Services in 2008 and going on to serve clients seeking niche services such as Sober Companions, Transportation, and bespoke treatment programmes, though he is certainly best known for leading the European Treatment Industry standards with his profoundly effective Sober Interventions, which have been successfully rebuilding families savaged by addiction and other behavioural health challenges.

Janique Svedberg


Janique Svedberg is trained as addiction therapist, Recovery coach, sober companion, international interventionist and has a master degree in ICF & NLP at The International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals, ARISE Intervention and Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services.

Her company Road To Recovery NYC assist clients globally with services such as Interventions, Recovery Coaching and Sober Companions. 2015 Janique opened Valet Recovery Centre in Sweden.

Sober Practitioner

Just 20 places in total

7 DAYS - Friday 14th - Thursday 20th December 2018

Thailand TBC

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